Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Assessment: Begin by assessing the dryer vent system for any signs of blockages, such as lint buildup or debris accumulation.

Disconnect: Safely disconnect the dryer from the power source and detach the dryer vent from the back of the appliance.

Cleaning: Use a specialized dryer vent cleaning kit or vacuum with a long, flexible brush attachment to remove lint, dust, and debris from the vent duct and exhaust pipe.

Reconnection: Reattach the dryer vent to the appliance and secure it properly to ensure a tight seal.

Testing: Plug the dryer back in and run a test cycle to ensure proper airflow and ventilation. Regularly cleaning the dryer vent helps prevent fire hazards and improves the efficiency of the appliance.

dryer vent cleaning
dryer vent cleaning services in canada

Why We Are The Best?

BlueGuard is the best dryer vent cleaning services in Canada because we are committed to providing the highest quality service for our clients. Our team of experts has decades of combined experience cleaning dryer vents and we’re always eager to learn more about how to improve our processes.

We use only the highest quality products and equipment available on the market today. Our technicians are trained in-house and undergo extensive training before they begin working on customers’ properties. They use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that every square inch of your home’s dryer vents system is cleaned thoroughly.

What we do in Dryer Vent cleaning?

Exterior Vent Cleaning

Dryer back cleaning

Use reverse snake line

Brushing out vent

Cleaning of dryers floor

Test run

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Longer Life Span

Your dryer will last longer if the dryer vents are cleaned since they keep it from overheating. Reduce your utility costs.

Reduce Utility Bill

Your electricity bill will increase as your clothing and linens dry more slowly due to a clogged Dryer vent

Improve Air Quality

Lint stuck in the dryer vent draws dust and other airborne contaminants from outside, significantly lowering indoor air quality.

Save Time

The clogged dryer vents take much longer time as compared to clean dryer vents to dry clothes.

Reduce Wear And Tear On Dryer

The dirtier a dryer vent, the more complex its neighboring dryer must work. The more a dryer is forced to operate, the more wear and tear it will sustain.

Keep Clothing Looking Good

A less effective dryer must operate for a more extended period of time. This implies that the quality of your garments will decrease more quickly as they dry.

Health dangers of not cleaning Dryer Vent

Fire Risk

Lack of dryer vent cleaning, which results in lint build-up, can soon turn dangerous and result in a catastrophic fire.

Life-threatening Damages

The carbon monoxide gas can accumulate and result in life-threatening damage if lint obstructs the exhaust.


The dirty dryer vent is that it traps water from wet clothing. And attracts all sorts of allergens, from mold to dust, causing congestion, rash, cough, etc.

Respiratory Problems

Lint stuck in Clogged dryer vents draws dust, reducing air quality and resulting in asthma attacks and breathing problems.

Unwanted Pests and Infection

Since your dryer vent is a warm place exposed to the outdoors, pests such as birds and mice may choose it as a place of shelter during chilly nights spreading bacteria.

Cold and Sinus

Clogged dryer vents and lint stuck can cause cold and sinus issues.

Before and After

dirty dryer ventclean dryer vent


How much does dryer vent cleaning cost?

Dryer Vent cleaning costs $179 for basement or first floor and costs $399 for Second Floor or higher.

Can I clean my dryer vent myself?

You can but it is highly recommended that you get it done from professional dryer vent cleaners in Canada because they take extra measures to ensure that your vent is completely clean.

How often should a dryer vent be cleaned?

At least once a year, you should have your dryer exhaust vents inspected and cleaned by a professional. It may be a good idea to increase that amount to every six months if your household uses your dryer frequently, for example one with a lot of children.

Is it worth cleaning dryer vent?

It is not only important for your clothes and time (as well as your sanity) to clean your ducts. As lint accumulates in these ducts, it can mix with hot air and ignite, creating a fire hazard. Fires in dryer ducts cause $35 million in damages, hundreds of injuries and even deaths each year.

How do you know if your dryer vent is clogged?

Here are some warning signs and dangers associated with clogged dryer vents

  1. Your clothes are taking longer to dry than usual.

  2. There is a burning smell in the air.

  3. After a load of laundry, your clothes are hot to the touch.

  4. Lint or debris can be found in the dryer hose or around the outside flap of the dryer.

  5. It has been more than a year since you cleaned out your vents.

What happens if you don't clean dryer vents?

When the exhaust system of your dryer becomes clogged with lint, your dryer will not function properly. Therefore, not only will your clothes take longer to dry, but also your electric bill will increase and there will be a fire risk. There is no win-win-win situation here.

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